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Energy Storage

Smart Lithium Batteries for all of your off-grid power needs. We have 12V, 24V, and 48V systems capable of powering your boat, your RV, or even your “in case of nuclear war” survival bunker. Incredibly long lifetime and because they are LiFePO4 chemistry, you never have to fear them setting on fire.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems are a clean, flexible, and maintenance-free way of banking a tremendous amount of off-grid electricity for your critical applications. Ideal for medical centers, internet hosting providers, long term off-grid applications, and survival shelters / bunker.

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Custom Solutions

Do you have an amazing new patentable idea? Are you looking to make your manufacturing process a bit more streamlined? We have you covered, reach out today and let’s build something awesome. We can handle everything, from patent research, to final production, all right here in the USA.

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The Power Protégé is revolutionary power storage system that sets a new standard in size, weight and performance. Its compact 12 lb case houses a 1KWH battery, battery charger and 1KW inverter. The inverter is extremely high efficiency owing to its patent pending design that uses no magnetic components. Yes, you read that right, really, absolutely no magnetic components. This is the biggest revolution in alternating current since alternating current!

The Power Protégé can be charged from 12V mobile sources, solar panels (with built in MPPT charger) or grid power. It’s capable of running power saws, drills, industrial and scientific equipment, and anything else you can think of that you need to run in the field from 120V AC power.

We are currently in active development. Stay tuned for more, and reach out if you think Power Protégé can be useful in your field.

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