Custom Solutions

Whether you need to automate your production line, provide custom power solutions for your employees in the field, or you have an amazing new hardware or software idea that you need to prototype, we have you covered. Spirit Energy Systems is a full stack development shop.

Unlike our competitors, who claim to be full stack, but outsource much of their development work to other countries, we can do everything in-house! From component selection to hardware development, to full stack software development, to final production in our fully equipped electronics factory located right in the hart of Palm Spring, California, we do it all!

Production Automation
Portable Power Systems
Industrial Prototyping

Active Industrial Projects

Large Scale Solar Farm Inverters

The Power Advantage inverters are designed to simplify using PV panels to power electrolyzers for making hydrogen. They are based on a patent pending technology which completely sidesteps the need for large inductors and transformers usually necessary for the process of producing hydrogen fuel.

In a typical installation, a grid connection is required for the PV panel inverter, the electrolyzer and an inverter/battery charger. The grid connection for Megawatt scale projects can be millions of dollars and take many months. The Power Advantage inverter is bi-directional and “spoofs” the grid tied PV inverters into thinking they are connected to the grid. This allows them to be directly connected to the electrolyzer without need of grid access. Any energy not used to power the electrolyzer can be stored in batteries for powering the electrolyzer at night.

Control Systems for Windmills

We designed and built the control system for this vertical axis windmill. It handles control functions such as steering the machine into the wind, stowing it when it gets too windy and battery management.

Data collection and remote reporting are also implemented. All control and data collection functions can be accessed remotely via the internet.