How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping within the 48 lower States. For shipping prices outside of the United States, as well as Alaska and Hawaii, please give us a call. We’ll get back to you as soon as we get a quote from one of our carriers. Shipping large lithium batteries is a complex business, you know!

What voltage batteries do you offer?

Our lineup of batteries includes 12V, 24V, and 48V batteries to suit your application.

We are able to offer custom higher voltage solutions, but for that you would have to contact us directly with your specifications. Likewise, if you need a much larger system, say a whole house standby system with 30KWh capacity, we can do that, but that would require a custom order.

Have special energy storage needs? Leverage our decades of expertise working with the power utilities companies in Arizona, and give us a call today!

Does my battery come with a charger?

Our batteries do not come with a charger. You will need to buy a LiFe lithium battery charger for best battery performance. We are working on our own unique solution that’s going to revolutionize the mobile power storage industry, but until we are ready to ship that, any LiFe capable charger will do.

Can I charge my battery with a standard 12V car battery charger, directly from my solar charger, or directly from my alternator?

No. You will need an advanced LiFePO4 Battery Charger.

What charger do you recommend?

At the moment, we do not have a favorite battery charger. However, we’re researching and developing our own charger and hope to have that in production in the end of 2019.

What is the operating temperature for these batteries?

Our batteries can operate in a wide range of temperatures. They can be discharged at a temperature range between -4F to 150F. And, you can recharge them at a temperature range between 32F to 150F.

In general, cold temperatures will reduce battery performance but that is common amongst all batteries. For more information, please check this article out.

In short, charging at freezing temperatures can lead to permanent plating of metallic lithium at the anode. Repeated cycling will not remove the plating. The condition is permanent. Batteries with lithium plating are vulnerable to failure if exposed to stressful conditions or vibration. Many advanced chargers will prevent charging lithium batteries below freezing conditions.

Our battery will automatically prevent charging if it senses the temperature is below 32F. You can discharge the battery in conditions down to -4F.

Can I charge my battery when it’s below 0F?

No, as it will damage the battery. To prevent damaging your battery, we don’t recommend charging in freezing temperatures. Our smart batteries will automatically disconnect if they sense charge current when the cells are below 32F.

Where can I get replacement fuses?

You can buy them directly through us in our shop.

What size wire should I use to connect the batteries?

This highly depends on the type of load you intend to put on the batteries. Please contact us with your specific requirements and application, and we will be happy to help.

Where can I find a copy of the warranty?

You can find a copy of the warranty policy on our warranty page.

Why do your batteries cost more than others?

LifePO4 batteries offer amazing performance, constant voltage during discharge, and long life cycles all in a very portable and lightweight package. Compared to lead acid batteries, they are virtually maintenance free.

With our batteries you do not have to worry about dangerous fumes, overly discharging them, regular equalization cycles, and maintaining them properly watered. Forget about all that, our batteries were made for you to simply enjoy amazing performance over years of continuous discharging and charging cycles to 80+% depth of discharge.

And, with our app you can always check that everything is working just as it should in your battery.

Do your batteries come with installation instructions?

Our batteries are drop in replacement for lead acid batteries, however they do require a LiFe battery charger to work best. Because of unique applications our customers use our batteries in, we do not provide general purpose instructions, but we will be happy to answer your questions over email or phone.

Where can I find your batteries in store?

In San Diego, Bay Marine carries our smart lithium battery lineup. If you are not in San Diego, you can always find us here or over at Amazon. If you have any additional questions you can reach us via email at info@spiritenergysystems.com or call us at (760) 297-6440.

Can I install the batteries in parallel? What about series? And what’s the maximum voltage?

Our batteries can be installed in parallel. You can install as many batteries as you would like in parallel. Unfortunately, they cannot be installed in series. Please do not install in series as they will get damaged.

Is the battery waterproof?

Our battery is splash resistant, but is NOT waterproof. However, it can be installed in most boat applications.

Can these replace my boat’s deep cycle batteries?

Yes! They certainly can! And with our mobile phone app and super deep cycle technology you can get years of amazing service out of our batteries.