Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Do you need power that will never fail you? Do you need an energy source that allows you to store nearly limitless amount of energy for when you need it most, when the grid goes down? And, do you want it to be a maintenance free solution? Then hydrogen is the only option. It’s the perfect solution for medical centers, large industrial applications, and survival bunkers.


We offer a complete hydrogen fuel cell energy solution in a refrigerator size package that can offer grid independence for a home or business. It features a 5KW hydrogen fuel cell, 5KW inverter, optionally a charge controller for solar panels, lithium batteries up to 20KWH and battery management system. The fuel cell is quiet and only emits moist air, no CO2. With proper ventilation and safety systems, these can be used indoors.

Our system can be used in place of a generator. There are many places where a generator can’t be used because of either emissions or noise concerns, or both. With our complete hydrogen system inside of a cabinet the size of a standard size refrigerator you have a convenient 5+ kWh uninterruptible power supply that requires minimal maintenance and can easily power your entire facility.

Please reach out for more information or to get a custom quote for your application.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell vs. Alternatives


Runs on hydrogen gas readily available in hospitals and industrial sites. Hydrogen has unlimited shelf life! This means no more fuel rotation! Requires almost NO maintenance, only occasional filter replacements. Our system is silent and fume free, about the size of a refrigerator, and can be installed anywhere INSIDE the building (with proper design), outside, or on the roof with minimal or no hassle from the Buildings and Permits department. The system has low total cost of ownership due to its 20 year life cycle and low maintenance. But most important, the system is incredibly reliable and efficient due to its unique dual backup technology.


Diesel generators are very loud, require a well ventilated outdoor area for installation, need constant time-based maintenance, and are difficult to permit for new installations because of new environmental and fire regulations. And on top of it all, unless properly tested and maintained constantly, they can be unreliable and require constant fuel rotation because diesel is only shelf stable for 1-3 months. Lead Acid power banks have similar installation drawbacks due to fumes, and very limited runtime. In addition, lead acid banks are very costly overtime due to the short 2-3yr lifecycle.

Hydrogen Refueling Station

This Patent Pending fueling station can be deployed in minutes. It is completely self contained, the hydrogen tank can be refilled on site or swapped out. A solar panel on the roof operates the filling station and charges batteries for night time use. Cellular data service is used to process credit cards and provide status, such as refilling the tank is required. Amount dispensed is sent to central site for LCFS reporting.