Smart Lithium Batteries

12V, 24V, & 48V LiFePO4 Lithium Batteries for RVs, Sailboats, Adventure Vans, Tiny Homes, Off-Grid Cabins, Bunkers, & Anything You Can Think Of!

Safe & Smart

Lead-acid batteries are a 120 year old technology, just lead and sulfuric acid. They fume explosive hydrogen when charging, and have no onboard controllers to balance and maintain them, so you have to do it manually. Normal lithium-ion batteries are maintenance free, but are dangerous because they can explode and set ablaze if overcharged or mishandled.

Our latest generation LiFeMnPO4 chemistry is much safer and much more reliable than both the traditional lead-acid batteries and the standard Li-ion cells. NO dangerous fumes or possibility of lithium fire, just pure reliable and safe power.

Each cell is monitored with a sense board that individually balances the cell and reports voltage and cell temperature to our intelligent battery management system (BMS). The BMS monitors the charge and discharge of the battery, protects against shorts, and displays state of charge. In addition, a built-in replaceable fuse protects against short circuits.

Mobile App

Never be left in the dark again! Download our FREE iOS or Android companion app and pair your iOS or Android smartphone with our smart battery via Bluetooth to get important battery stats. The app tells you how many hours of operation time is left at the current load in addition to battery life percentage. That’s super useful when you want to plan out your energy consumption! The app also handles warranty claims, tells you detailed information about each one of the cells, and collects detailed use statistics.

Long Lasting Performance

With our batteries, you can appreciate the fact that there is no power fade or light dimming until the battery is almost discharged. Spirit Smart Batteries provide near constant voltage as they are discharged. And, with rapid charging, the batteries can be recharged in as little as an hour and run for days.

The cells are guaranteed for over 2,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge and are completely maintenance free for the duration of their lifetime. 2,000 cycles means you can discharge the battery to 20% and then charge it again to 100% every day for 5 years and still expect amazing performance!

Lightweight and Durable

Our batteries are designed for extreme applications. They are 67% lighter than the same capacity lead-acid batteries! Encased in Marine Grade Polypropylene that is splash proof and does not degrade in sunlight, we think you will love them!

Easy Installation

To best fit your application, you can choose to install our SES Smart batteries horizontally or vertically. They require no ventilation and can operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -4F to 150F (-20C to 65C) while discharging, and 32F to 150F (0C to 65C) while charging.

They are designed to be drop-in replacements for lead-acid batteries or to be used for a brand new application.

Safe. Powerful. Reliable. Over 1,200 installations in the field!

Based on LIFePO4 chemistry, these batteries are remarkably safe. In field tests, they have been smashed, punctured, penetrated with bullets, subjected to short circuits, over charging and every kind of abuse and in no case did a fire result.