12V / 60Ah / 760Wh LiFePO4 Lithium Deep Cycle Battery for Boat, RV, Off-Grid Applications

$600.00 $550.00

  • 12V Compatible / 13.2 V / 60Ah / 760Wh Cells Only
  • 60 Amp Continuous Discharge Current / 120 Amp for 10s Peak Discharge Current
  • Longer life cycle than li-ion cells. LiFePO4 chemistry provides better performance than Li-Ion for power applications where cycle life is more important than weight. 
  • 5 Year Industry Leading Warranty
  • 7.6in x 10.6in x 5in
  • 21 lb
  • We are a family-operated business. We care greatly about our customers and ensure the highest quality product at the most affordable price.
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