SP3, Solar Portable Power Plant


Silently power the most remote locations, with a trail-rated, rapid deployment solar portable power plant, the SP3. The SP3 accelerates conversion to sustainable green energy and we’re pretty sure you will love it!



With SP3 you are no longer limited by the grid. Whether powering an event in the vast wilderness, a disaster recovery center, or bringing electricity for the first time to a remote village, SP3 is there for you with clean and silent solar power. No fuel, no maintenance, just clean grid scale power anywhere you need it.

We designed SP3 after interviewing first responders, military commanders, festival organizers, expedition leaders, & construction crew chiefs. Every aspect of the SP3 was designed to be rugged, functional, and field serviceable for unparalleled reliability and power.

Because we envision a world where you can produce the energy you use through green technologies, we offer SP3 to anyone who shares our vision.

Why Go Solar?

Diesel and gas-powered generators are ubiquitous on construction sites and at outdoor festivals however, internal combustion engine (ICE) powered generators offer several significant drawbacks.

Noise Pollution

The biggest one among them is the constant whine and rattle of the generator engine. It has been shown in studies that constant and repetitive humming noise in the background reduces concentration and stamina. Thus reducing the noise level on your construction site or festival grounds has a direct positive effect on the people who have to work at such sites. This translates into superior productivity and better employee morale, which in turn, translates in to better earnings.

SP3 generator produces absolutely no noise or any significant level of heat. It generates kilowatts of power in complete silence and is a joy to be around.

Air Pollution

Of course, the next biggest problem with ICE powered generators is air pollution. While all current internal combustion cars and trucks are required by law to feature pollution mitigation devices, such as catalytic converters, portable generators are not required to have such devices installed. In fact, a small portable generator with a 5 horse power motor can produce many times more pollution per hour of operation than a conventional modern pick up truck.

This pollution is bad for our planet, but it is also bad for your employees. Poor air quality leads to adverse long term health outcomes and short term fatigue and decreased productivity. So if you care about your employees, and your bottom line, it pays to use clean running generator equipment. SP3 generator operates with absolutely no emissions whatsoever and can be used safely in indoor environments (solar PV arrays have to be placed outside for obvious reasons).

Fuel Requirements

In longer term installations, ICE powered generators require constant refueling. This can mean downtime during periods of refueling and requires you to store highly combustible fluids on site. By contrast, SP3 requires no fuel, other than the rays of the sun, and can operate 24/7 without a single interruption due to its powerful 20kWh battery bank. This makes it an ideal choice for mission critical operations, such as powering field hospitals or outdoor concerts.

What You Get

8kW Solar Array: Generate power silently, without fumes or refueling.

20kWh Lithium Battery Bank: Continue to operate day and night and store power for demand spikes.

30kW Inverter: Power welders, pumps, compressors, or any high powered equipment.

Microgrid Optionality: Connect multiple SP3s for even more power and energy storage.

Pre-Order Yours Now!

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