Limited Warranty

Spirit Energy Systems’ (SES) lithium battery line is extremely durable and long lasting. However, to further ease a customer’s mind when investing in our line of electrical storage solutions we offer an industry leading revolutionary 5 year limited warranty which is based on the useful life and capacity of the battery. Due to the intelligent controller built in to our battery we can eliminate all of the hassles commonly associated with filing warranty claims on battery products. Please refer to this document for the specific terms of this warranty.

This warranty is applicable to United States customers ONLY. For other regions please contact warranties@spiritenergysystems.com for details. Thank you!

1-Year Full Replacement or Refund Warranty

SES warrants all of its lithium batteries purchased directly from SES or one of its authorized dealers, distributors, or installers, against material or workmanship defects for one year from the time of purchase. In the extremely unlikely event of our battery failing within the first year of operation we will replace the battery free of charge or refund full purchase price to the original purchaser.

4-Year Prorated Warranty

SES further warrants all of its batteries purchased directly from SES or one of its authorized dealers, distributors, or installers, against material or workmanship defects as well as capacity degradation for a period of 4 years after the 1 year full replacement warranty runs out. In the unlikely event that one of our batteries fails or degrades in performance below 80% of its rated capacity during this warranty period SES will credit the original purchaser of the battery system the percentage of the original purchase price equivalent to the remaining useful life of the battery. This credit can be used towards the purchase of a new battery system or other SES products.

Calculation of the Remaining Useful Life

Each SES battery has a built-in warranty chip that constantly monitors the performance of the battery and records the cumulative energy flow. We warranty our batteries for 2,000 cycles. To calculate the remaining useful life of the battery we analyze the encrypted battery health log. This log is available through the included battery information display. The remaining useful life is calculated using the following formula:

(2,000 – battery cycle count) / 2,000 = % of remaining useful life

For your convenience, below you will find a table with our most popular battery products and their warrantied useful life in total kilowatt hours and amp hours.

Warranty Exclusions

Act of God – This warranty does not cover damage to the battery system due to lightning strikes or natural disasters including but not limited to flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, etc.

Physical Damage – This warranty does not cover any battery that is physically damaged or altered at the time of the warranty claim. SES reserves the right to request the return of the battery to our facility to be inspected prior to any warranty credits. If the batteries are determined to be physically damaged or altered SES reserves the right to refuse a warranty claim and will charge the end customer for the resulting shipping and handling charges.

Abuse – SES batteries are extremely tough but can still sustain damage if abused. Charging or discharging the battery at a higher than recommended rate or voltage, over discharging the battery, systemically under charging the battery or allowing the battery to remain discharged for a prolonged period of time will cause irreversible damage to the lithium iron cells inside. Our warranty chip system monitors for these kinds of conditions and records them. If one of these conditions occurs, SES reserves the right to deny a warranty claim. Please refer to the User Manual provided with your battery to make sure that you are following use and proper care procedures.

Alterations – SES batteries are factory sealed systems that are specifically designed NOT to be end user serviceable. Disassembling the battery in any way will automatically void this warranty. Further, the positive terminal of the battery is equipped with a fuse designed to protect the battery against accidental short circuits. Replacing this fuse with a third party fuse not sold by SES or bypassing the fuse will also immediately void this warranty.

Filing a Warranty Claim

To file a warranty claim for one of our lithium batteries, please collect and submit the following information via email to warranties@spiritenergysystems.com

  • Your Name and Contact Information
  • Purchase Date and Receipt, if Available
  • Name of Dealer, Distributor, or Installer
  • Battery Serial Number
  • Battery Warranty Code (see instructions below on how to obtain the warranty code)

Obtaining Warranty Code

Each SES battery has a warranty log chip integrated right into the battery. This allows us to approve warranty claims without the hassle of having you ship the battery back to us and wait for months for warranty claim approval.

To read out the warranty code, which represents an encrypted version of the number of cycles and capacity of the battery, as recorded the last time the battery was operational, simply hold any magnet (fridge magnet works) near the included display for 5 seconds. The screen will switch to warranty readout mode and will read out 12 digits in 3 digit segments separated by a screen displaying 3 dashes (—). The start of the sequence will be indicated by the letter S and the end of the sequence will be indicated by the letter E. An example code would look like this:

S 294—123—521—523 E

This sequence will repeat 5 times, and can be retrieved at any time. In the event that the battery has suffered and irreversible electronic failure, we will ask you to send to us the remote display portion of the battery system so we can retrieve battery logs directly from it.